Everywhere Productions: Testimonials

What Our Clients Say:

I'm really grateful that you are webmastering our site. Your patience is very much appreciated.
-Jacqui R.

Thank you for everything you have done so far-we really appreciate your depth of knowledge ... we are PSYCHED about this site!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being such a great team player for walking us through this.
-Shane L.

We're checking the site out - you did a phenomenal job. I think it looks great - it looks super. Overall, great job!
-Ken T.

Dan, The site looks great!
Kristen M.

You are 99.9% more responsive and patient than most webmasters.
-Crystal H.

I just got a copy of the cd from the record company and it sounds really, really cool. Good job! It sounds so much clearer and much cleaner.
-Lauren D.

Track 10 - this has never sounded better.
-Ben D.

Dan Swift from Everywhere Productions mastered the CD and did a great job. I listened to the CD in it's entirety tonight and I am very pleased with the job. To my ears, it sounds as good as anything I've heard commercially produced. I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone to hire to put on the finishing touch with your projects.
-Doug M.

What People Tell Our Clients:

Yours is, in all honesty, one of the nicest websites I've ever seen. It looks great and it works perfectly.

Awesome site!! It is informative and clear and not cluttered. The graphics look very professional and it has great appeal and will inspire confidence in your product.