General Rates and Terms

Everywhere Productions is proud to publicly post rates for potential clients. With Everywhere Productions, you do not have to jump through any extra hoops to get your project up and running.

Socially Responsiblly Website Design / Development:

  • $80-$160 for the first page (5 page minimum)
  • $50-$100 for each additional
  • Please contact Everywhere Productions for a more personalized design quote or for web application development

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is billed at $50/hr (see terms for full details). Examples of website maintenance include:

  • registering/moving domain name
  • data migration between servers
  • move your website into a CMS (content management system)
  • accessibility: audits, mitigation
  • UI scripts, server-side scripts
  • … and more, just ask!

Credits, Incentives, Referrals

Since 2011, as an incentive to receive quick and early payments, Everywhere Productions gladly applies a 10% credit to invoices where payment is expedited. I am proud to say that Everywhere Productions receives most new clients through word of mouth advertising. Refer a new client to me and they'll save 10% - I'll also credit your account an equal amount.
(see Terms below)


Last Updated: 02/09/2021
  1. Upon completion, client has the option to pay his or her bill in cash, check, or electronically. Upon request, Everywhere Productions will invoice the client. In these instances, payment is net 30 days (check or electronic).
  2. Any account 30 days past due (non- or partial-payment) is subject to a late penalty of $15 along with 24% APR finance charges.
  3. Returned checks will incur to the client a $25 fee plus the cost of the penalty fee Everywhere Productions receives from the bank for the bad check.
  4. Incentive credits for early payment are based on labor hours only and cannot be accumulated through hardware purchase, server disk space rental, domain registration, etc.
  5. Incentive credits do not stack at this point in time. If you have multiple incentive credits pending (such as but not limited to referring clients and paying your invoice early), you will receive the larger of the credits.
  6. Incentives and credits are applied to the following invoice. New client credit amounts are based on the first invoice billed to the new client.
  7. Only current clients are eligible to receive incentive credits.
  8. Everywhere Productions reserves the right to change the terms and conditions set forth including the suspension of the incentive program.