Everywhere Productions: Computer Support

Virus Removal

I will gladly come to your location to service your computer and remove any malicious software that is lurking. I will run diagnostics to detect and remove spyware, viruses, trojans, adware, etc. This is the first step in reclaiming the computing power of your machine. I don't just remove the easy ones either!

System Evaluation / Upgrades (Mac/PC)

Do you find that your system doesn't run nearly as fast as it used to? With my system analysis, I will make changes (software and hardware) so that your system will 'run' and not 'walk'.

Data Backup Solutions (Mac/PC)

If you have ever lost a significant amount of important data, you know just how important it is to back-up data. With my DBS, I put a system in place for you so that you are able to back up your data correctly. I offer solutions for both on and offsite backup ... Mac/Windows/Linux.

Data Migration (Mac/PC)

If you have recently purchased a new system, I can help you move all of your relevant data from your old machine to the new one. This includes various applications, application settings, and individual files.