Website development, design, and consulting since 2002

The Everywhere Productions mission is to assist and empower our clients, to audit their websites, to ensure pages are accessible to all visitors regardless of impairments, devices, or socio-economic status. I call this socially responsible website development and design.

Socially responsible designs and web applications have several benefits. They are universally inclusive, load quickly, and work on any device. Positive user experience is a must!

Everywhere Productions offers inclusive solutions!

Everywhere means your site works everywhere and for everyone including:

  • any device
  • any browser
  • any operating system
  • any network

When building for you, I look out for not only your best interests but also the best interests of your visitors. This means that I'm going to build the site that fits your needs to the best of my ability without sacrificing the needs and expectations of your visitors.

Unlike those other companies promising free web site designs, there are no monthly fees attached when working with me. The site becomes your property and you are not locked into using any particular hosting company. Best of all, you can update your own site (if you prefer)!